New brands under BJ Marine – Fountaine Pajot Catamarans

New Brand logos

2015 was a big year for BJ Marine as a global boat sales agent and international yacht broker.
As well as acquiring two well-established boat sales firms in the UK, expanding our boat listing network and seeing the latest sales growth in many years, we have also added two new brands to our line up.


Fountaine Pajot – Sailing Catamarans and Power-Cats from 11 to 25 meters

Fountain Pajot Lucia 40 Sailing Catamaran

The first brand of catamarans to come under the BJ Marine group. We are now the exclusive dealer for Fountaine Pajot, the French-built range of sailing catamarans and power catamarans from 11 meters to 25 meters. Fountain Pajot are renowned as a leader in the construction of innovative, safe, unsinkable and seaworthy designs that are now the benchmark for the world catamaran market.

Phenomenal sailing performance Fountain-Pajot-Lucia-40 in action - Luxury catamaran phenomenal sailing performance

Designed by sailors, Fountaine Pajot catamarans are exceptionally well suited to open water sailing. Their well-balanced hulls comfortably handle all speeds and in any sea. Fountaine Pajot catamarans have hundreds of Atlantic crossings under their belt and have traversed the globe hundreds of times.

Fuel Efficiency

Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts’ incredibly low fuel consumption is a major selling point for buyers who realise the huge potential savings represented by the vessels’ long range. Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts offer a minimum of 40 per cent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to the performance of a similarly-sized power monohull. The reduction in drag created by the two hulls partnered with the efficient wave-piercing action contributes to massively reduced rates of consumption and extended range – The entire Fountaine Pajot motor range can achieve up to one thousand miles with standard fuel tanks.


Fountaine Pajot continues to pioneer the manufacture of composite power and sail cruising catamarans. One of the exclusive technologies that FP employ in the manufacture of all their range is Resin Transfer Moulding to produce the whole deck and cabin top assembly in one single mould. This mould also has the added advantage of being two-sided, negating the need for heavy and complex roof linings, hull joins and bolts and allowing for a lighter end product.

New Lucia 40 – An instant legend

The ultra-stylish Lucia 40, while being the newest addition to the range, is already the most successful model in the boat builders history and has been recognised for its remarkable design, stability and comfort in even the most challenging conditions. Fountain Pajot Lucia 40 Sailing Catamaran



Another new brand recently added to BJ Marine’s portfolio of high-end sailing brands is Wauquiez

In 2015 Wauquiez won European Yacht of the Year for their Centurion 57.

Wauquiez is sending out a clear message that it is in the business of producing quality cruisers for discerning sailors. The Centurion 57 represents exceptional build quality at an affordable price, a comfortable and well-finished yacht throughout. More versatile than radical she feels robust, well thought-out and finished with a warm and calm interior.

 The Centurion lives up to her Roman name, is steadfast through the swell and maintains consistent speeds close reaching upwind.

A star in the Wauquiez range and of great interest to our clients is the Pilot Saloon 48.WAUQUIEZ-Pilot-Saloon-48

A sturdy and comfortable sailor, this boat is the perfect balance between mediterranean style and the practical functionality of northern european sailing cruisers . Wauquiez has been manufacturing exceptional yachts for over 50 years and the Pilot Saloon is the most recent model to hit the seas.